Fluid Program for an Evolving Industry

Montco’s Sound Recording and Technology (SRT) degree program provides a comprehensive background in sound recording, music production and music technology expertise. It prepares students for both success in the industry as well as for transfer for continuation of their education.

“The program benefits three types of students,” says Kelly, who has been writing, recording, performing and teaching for more than 30 years. “We have students who are seeking careers in music, production and sound and want to get their foot in door with an internship. We also have students who are professionals but they want to update or enhance their skill sets. And, we have adult students, who return to school to pursue their passions or encore careers.”

MCCC’s program–which will be further supported and enhanced by the addition of the state-of-the art mixing room, control room and isolation booth in the Mixing Suite together with experiential learning opportunities and scholarships for support–exceeds the initial expectations of students, who will find themselves immersed in a world that is comparable to a media conservatory.

Upon graduation, students will be employed in variety of occupations, including sound recording studio technician, sound engineer for animation and film, audio engineer, audio or music producer, digital audio editor, production assistant, theatre sound designer and multimedia developer.

For this thriving industry, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 7 percent growth in employment opportunities for broadcast and sound engineering technicians from 2014 through 2024. As technology continues to advance the industry, more opportunities will be available, especially for MCCC graduates, who will have the invaluable hands-on experience through our SRT program.