Providing scholarships for students in STEAM programs

Dr. Celeste M. Schwartz, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Digital Officer, knows that Montgomery County Community College is the best value in higher education for anyone in Montgomery County, but it’s still out of reach for far too many students.

How does she know? Because she’s seen it—for 50 years! Growing up in Norristown where College seemed out of reach, Celeste saw first-hand how many struggled to gain access to higher education. She saw that first as a student worker, then as a Montco graduate and even now as a senior leader and active mentor.

We live in one of the wealthiest counties in the state, but there are individuals who aren’t experiencing higher education opportunities. It’s important that we reach everyone.”

In celebration of her 50 years of dedication to the students and families of Montgomery County, the College established the Dr. Celeste M. Schwartz Legacy Fund, for scholarships for students in STEAM programs: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

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Celeste reminds us that the vision of full accessibility still needs our support.

In her time here, Celeste has witnessed students gain the knowledge and confidence they need to go on to become leaders in their field. Like her, they agree that Montgomery County Community College played an important role in their success.

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Make your gift to the Dr. Celeste M. Schwartz Legacy Fund for STEAM Student Scholarships to change the life of students, their families and our community!