What is Leading Women in Philanthropy?

A growing trend in philanthropy, giving circles empower members, particularly women, to play a more significant role in philanthropy than those members could without the financial leverage provided by the group. An outgrowth of investment clubs, giving circles require a minimal amount of time and energy on the part of members yet result in substantial financial contributions to our students and programs. Leading Women in Philanthropy (LWIP) allows women to collectively support the College and encourage the development of women as philanthropic leaders in our community. Your gift grows exponentially when contributions from women are united in support of the College and directed through a collective voice.

Funds from the giving circle are distributed through a grant application process to projects and programs proposed by faculty, staff, and student groups. The annual distribution of funds to selected campus programs is determined through a voting process by Leading Women in Philanthropy members who donate $1,000 or more annually.


Leading Women in Philanthropy is a collective formed to encourage women to pool their philanthropic resources at Montgomery County Community College Foundation to create positive and sustainable change in the lives of our female students and to have an impact on College programs that benefit women in our community.

Our Goals

  • To encourage philanthropy among women with shared values and to promote women as philanthropists.
  • To make grants through Montgomery County Community College Foundation that support female students and other women’s programs at the College.
  • To advocate for our female students by informing others about the Leading Women in Philanthropy initiative.

Our Membership

LWIP members can support the initiative at any level. All gifts are welcome and appreciated. Memberships are renewable annually and payment may be made in quarterly or monthly installments. Members will be listed alphabetically as members of LWIP in the Foundation's annual Donor Report and other Foundation publications. Members who give $1,000 or more will be invited to participate in the voting process to determine how proceeds are spent each year.

Members include alumnae, parents, community members, employees, and friends who recognize that women as donors have the capability of making a tremendous impact on the College and our students. While women who wish to participate in LWIP may join at any time, an annual membership event will be held each spring.

For more information on how to join, contact the Foundation at foundation@mc3.edu or 215-641-6324.