Enjoy interactive, hands-on activities at our astronaut academy featuring STEAM Space and Earth Science curriculum.

Blast off and launch a lifelong love of all things space and science with our in-person Janet's Planet Astronaut Academy, a camp that creates out-of-this-world engagement with Janet and her team of educators and experts. Each day brings a new mission and new expert guests from the scientific community. Astronaut challenges, science experiments, and hands-on experiences will boost student confidence in tier STEAM abilities. .

For more information, please contact Iain Campbell at icampbell@mc3.edu.

Camp Details

Cost: $300 per child/per week (includes Janet's Planet astronaut pack)

Ages: 7 to 14 (or entering grades 2-8 in the fall)

Pottstown Campus (drop-off map)
Blue Bell Campus (drop-off map)

Campus Directions

July 19-23 at the Pottstown Campus
July 26-30 at the Blue Bell Campus

Time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Drop-off is between 8:45-9 a.m. and pick-up is between 5-5:15 p.m.

Register for Janet's Planet in Pottstown

Register for Janet's Planet in Blue Bell

Frequently Asked Questions

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What COVID safety precautions are being taken?

Lively Arts staff have been authorized to share this statement:

“Recent updates and guidelines at the federal, state, and local levels have begun to shift as vaccinations become more widely distributed. The College has updated its health and safety protocols for all physical campus locations based on this revised information. Effective July 6th, masks will no longer be required for both indoor and outdoor use on-campus.

The College continues to put the safety and wellness of our students, employees, and the community we serve at the forefront of what we do. As conditions change, we will continue to respond accordingly.”

While not mentioned in this statement, MCCC's president strongly recommends unvaccinated individuals wear a mask. That said, we are also aware that there is, as of yet, no vaccine for children under 12. If parents are more comfortable with their campers wearing a mask indoors (or wherever), you can mention it in the online form and we will do our best to abide by individual preferences of parents/guardians. We will also take reasonable measures to have students more distant than in years prior to the pandemic.

What will my camper learn from this experience?

Your camper will be exposed to not only planetary and stellar scientific fields, but they will interact with scientists working in the field. We focus on critical thought and scientific method as we have fun with hands on projects and working in small groups.

Through imagination and expression, campers will explore the solar system in which we reside and the reaches of outer space. Grounded in the most relevant scientific fact, campers will have a blast while they learn the planets and the stuff in which stars are made. They will keep an astronaut training journal, determine their mission, zoom through the solar system, celebrate Apollo, create their own mission patches, build their own spacecraft, create a Martian habitat and more.

Will my child be outside during the day?

Yes, campers will participate in various activities outside during the day for both astronaut physical training (exercise) and to give them the opportunity to get some fresh air. Please make sure your camper has layers that lets them be comfortable outside.

What should I pack for my child?

  • At least 2 clean face masks: one to wear, one for backup (we will also have extra masks on hand)
  • Please pack your camper a lunch and two snacks—a morning snack and an afternoon snack. A refrigerator is not available and we will not have the option to offer purchased lunches.
  • Your creativity and sense of adventure.
  • Clothing that is comfortable, cool, and can withstand outdoor activities.
  • Sneakers or other closed-toed shoes (please no flip flops or sandals).
  • Prescribed EpiPens, inhalers, or other medication. Please notify us about this when completing the camp form(s).
  • You are welcome to send bug repellent and sunscreen, but children must be able to self-administer it if needed.

Do I need my ticket?

Yes, you will need your ticket for the first day only. Either print the ticket or show the QR code on your smartphone for scanning. Though you were given a QR code for each day of camp, we will only be scanning the code on Monday as we get to know you and your camper.

My camper has an allergy or medical need. Who do I inform?

Please complete our online form for your respective camp. While we cannot be responsible for administering medications, it is helpful to have this information available.

Note: This form is for registered campers only.

Will there be any field trips?

Yes, we expect to take at least one field trip during the week. More information will be shared with campers as details are finalized.

Releases/permissions are covered under the signed waiver completed at registration.