A book advance credit in the amount of up to $650 per semester for full-time students, $500 for three-quarter-time students and up to $325 for part-time students is generated from all awarded pell grant and SEOG monies, along with approved federal direct stafford loans that exceed the cost of tuition and fees. The credit must be awarded two weeks prior to the start of the semester, and it will only be available for use at the Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore for the period beginning one week before the semester starts through the end of the second week of class.

To purchase books using your book advance credit, you must present your Montco ID and course registration to the Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore.

  • Full-time (FT) max amount =  $1050 (from $650)
  • Three-quarter-time (3QT) max amount = $900 (from $500)
  • Half-time (HT) max amount = $725 (from $325)