Out of Pocket Expenses

While budgeting for college, don't overlook your everyday living expenses.

Along with paying for tuition and course materials, you may encounter indirect costs while attending school. We've prepared an additional cost estimate to help you see the full financial picture. That way, you can set aside a little extra for when the unexpected – or expected – happens.

Additional Costs Sample Budget
$1,300 Books & Supplies
Includes the cost for text books and other supplies required for the courses you plan to take. Examples of supplies may include buying a laptop computer, art supplies, or uniforms.
$1,640 Personal Expenses
Includes any costs for cell phone, laundry, clothing, participating in a club, athletics fees, emergency funds, child care, etc.
$8,550 Room & Board
Includes any costs for rent, furnishings, utilities, or food, even if living at home with parents.
$2,655 Transportation
Include costs related to transportation, such as bus passes, car insurance, gas, maintenance, parking fees, etc.

Other fees & costs that you may incur

  • Transcript request – $5 per transcript
  • Credit by examination – $129 for each exam
  • Payment plan set-up fee – $35
  • Credit for life experience application –$129
  • Credit for life experience assessment – $129 per course
  • Returned check by bank – $25 per returned check
  • Check stop payment fee – $25 per check
  • Late registration fee – $10 per course
  • Payment plan late fee – $25