Proxy Access Information

What is Proxy Access?
A proxy is a person that has been granted online access by a student to certain student records such as billing information, financial aid information, or grades. The proxy accesses the records through the web-based Proxy Account Access system. 

What access is provided?
Students have the ability to grant or rescind access to specific record types such as billing information, financial aid information, or grades.  Once granted, the proxy’s access is primarily view only regarding aspects of the student’s account.  The only actionable access proxies’ may be granted will be the ability to make payments on a student’s account.

Who controls access?
Students are able to grant or rescind proxy access to only their own records.

How is access granted or rescinded?
Students grant proxy access through the use of the Proxy Account Access system.  This system is available through the Self-Service suite of functionality found on the Student Portal.  A student must include the proxy first name, last name, and email address in granting access.  For detailed instructions click on the Instructions for Students button.

If I am a proxy, how do I know my Username & Password?

Financial Aid and Grade Proxy Access for Self-Service

If a proxy is new to Montgomery County Community College, a temporary password will be sent via email. If a proxy has a pre-existing account with Montgomery County Community College, the password associated with this account will be used. Proxies may call the MCCC Technical Help Desk for assistance in remembering an ID value or changing passwords.  The Help Desk can be reached through 215-641-6495 or

Payment Proxy Access to the Payment Center

A proxy given access to the Payment Center will receive two emails from the Payment Office. If you forget your password, you may have a temporary password emailed to you via the Payment Center.


Proxy Dictionary

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Account Activity

Provides the ability for proxies to view activity on their student's account. Course schedule, tuition, fees, payment and financial aid are visible by term.

Make a Payment

Provides the ability for proxies to make online, real-time payments to a student's account. Deferred Payment Plans cannot be created by a proxy; however, payments to already established payment plans are permitted.

Financial Aid Home

This page lists all the tasks that a student needs to complete to apply for financial aid for a specific Financial Aid year.

Required Documents

This page provides information about completed and outstanding documents that are awaiting student completion so that the application for Financial Aid can be processed. Even if there are no outstanding documents, a table with Completed and Waived documents will be visible.

My Awards

This page provides information about the available awards and award amounts for the student for a specific Financial Aid year. Students can also see the percentage of their award amounts for each section. Proxy access is view only. Students can take action via Financial Aid Self-Service. 

Award Letter

This page shows the student's official Financial Aid award letter. This page will show the amount of financial aid that is offered to the student which may including grants, loans and scholarships. Proxy access is view only. Students can take action via Financial Aid Self-Service.

Federal Shopping Sheet

This page shows students the costs of attending Montgomery County Community College and the financial aid package available to the student for our institution. No action is needed on this page.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

This page shows students their current Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Calculation information includes GPA, attempted credits, completed credits, and completion rate.