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Montgomery County Community College has partnered with CX University to offer our students online Customer and Patient Experience courses, that if completed in full, are eligible for 6 credits.

Courses are available for purchase individually or as a bundle. By purchasing the bundle you gain access for one-year to complete the following modules in an independent study format:

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Customer Experience

  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Customer Centric Culture
  • Organizational Adoption and Accountability
  • Metrics, Measurement, and ROI
  • Experience Design and Improvements
  • Voice of the Customer, Customer Insight, and Understanding

Patient Experience

  • Patient Experience Strategy
  • Patient Centric Culture
  • Patient Experience Design & Innovation
  • Patient Experience Measurement & Analysis

College credits

Through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), students who pass the Customer or Patient Experience certification examination may be awarded 6 college credits toward a Management Associate in Applied Science degree.

Note: CX University is an independent entity and is not an extension of Montgomery County Community College.