Micro-Credential Day for High School Seniors

Join us for a one-day program at our West Campus in Pottstown for a college-level experience resulting in a micro-credential in your specific area of interest. As an additional bonus, you’ll be eligible to receive a college-awarded training stipend that can be used at Montco toward fast-track career training in high-demand occupations.

Available micro-credentials

Select from the following available courses:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • OSHA
  • Nurse Aide fundamentals
  • Massage Therapy fundamentals
  • Culinary Arts fundamentals
  • Basic work skills
What are micro-credentials?

Micro-credentials are mini-qualifications that demonstrate skills or knowledge in a given subject area.

Why micro-credentials?

Designed for high school juniors and seniors, micro-credentials are a valuable, affordable way to learn a new skill or enhance your knowledge. Through Montco, you can earn a special badge and apply a training stipend toward a noncredit fast-track training program.

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About the training stipend

What will the stipend pay for?

The stipend covers a percentage of tuition fees applicable toward the Fast-Track to Employment noncredit programming at Montco.

What do I have to do to obtain the stipend?

Your high school must sponsor you to attend a course. Transportation will be arranged through your school and lunch will be provided by the College.

What training courses are covered by the stipend?

The stipend covers a majority of the tuition for the following programs:

  • Healthcare
    • Massage Therapy
    • Nurse Aide
    • Pharmacy Technician
    • Medical Billing Specialist
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
    • Manufacturing Technician
    • Machinist/CNC Operator
    • Gas Pipeline Technician
  • Business and Information Technology
    • Office Assistant/Customer Service Representative
    • Data Management
    • Cybersecurity Engineer/Analyst/Technician
    • Networking Engineer/Technician
    • Computer Repair Technician
    • Server Technician
    • Real Estate
  • Culinary Arts
    • Culinary Boot Camp

Micro-credentials schedule

Time: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. – lunch is provided.

Micro-credential Oct. 25 Nov. 15 Jan. 24 Feb. 21 March 20 April 25
Basic Work Skills X X X X X X
Massage Fundamentals X   X   X  
Microsoft Word X       X  
OSHA X X     X X
Nurse Aide Fundamentals   X   X   X
Microsoft Excel   X   X    
Cybersecurity     X     X
Culinary Fundamentals     X X