Arts and Humanities

Welcome to the Arts and Humanities Division at Montgomery County Community College.

Our academic programs will help teach you the skills, knowledge and values required to meet the needs of today's employers and diverse workplace. The Arts and Humanities encompass the study of human expression, ideas, languages, literature and world cultures.

Our talented and accomplished faculty are active in their fields and bring their experience and expertise to the classroom. Members of the faculty are also published writers, artists, and musicians, and some appear frequently in stage productions, broadcasts, and art exhibits.

Our College facilities are state-of-the-art providing many opportunities for students to work with the latest technologies in creative learning environments. The first floor of the Advanced Technology Center is dedicated to digital communications and music technology. Here, students have access to professional, studio-grade equipment for recording, composing, and broadcasting. The new Fine Arts Center houses the fine arts studios and classrooms for the art program that has quickly become one of the largest programs on campus. In addition, outstanding gallery space is located at both the Blue Bell and Pottstown campuses.

Come study with our community of artists and scholars. Imagine, create, learn, and understand.

Michele Cuomo
Dean of Arts and Humanities Division