We partner with businesses to help provide competitive benefits packages to their employees.

Utilizing employee tuition programs is a fantastic opportunity for employees to enhance their skills and career growth. With employer-paid tuition programs, employees can upskill and reskill, becoming more competent and productive. When employees take advantage of employer-paid tuition programs, they not only contribute to a more competent workforce but also build a sense of confidence in their professional growth within their company. Overall, an employee tuition program is a win-win for both employees and your employers.

Most employer-paid tuition programs require employees to notify their Human Resource (HR) department or complete an internal registration. If your employer is on the list below, see how you can take advantage of these benefits. Once your employer’s application is submitted and your employer’s HR office is verifying your information, you can enroll in classes at Montgomery County Community College.

Partnered Businesses

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Aon US Apprenticeship Program

The Aon US Apprenticeship Program provides an entry point to launch a professional career at Aon without a four-year college degree. This two-year program combines tuition-free academic instruction at Montco with employment and on-the-job learning at Aon.

Visit the Aon Apprenticeship Program webpage to learn more.

GSK Apprentice Program

GSK Apprenticeships are full-time, entry-level opportunities that offer high school graduates and community college students the opportunity to begin their career while studying toward their associate’s degree. Students with fewer than 30 credits or those open to restarting with new curriculum are eligible to apply for GSK Apprenticeships.

Visit the GSK Apprenticeships webpage to learn more.

JBS Better Futures Program

Through this partnership, JBS will partner with Montgomery County Community College to directly bill the college for your tuition.

*Please note that JBS does not pay for fees.

  • Step One: Apply to JBS Better Futures and follow instructions provided
  • Step Two: If you wish to register in for-credit classes or wish to earn a degree or certificate AND this is your first semester you’ll need to apply now, if you have not done so already. It’s free and easy! JBS will also cover non-credit classes. Contact admissions@mc3.edu for assistance in registering for Non-credit classes.
  • Step Three: Follow the New Student Checklist to complete the application process.

    JBS will also cover non-credit classes.  Contact admissions@mc3.edu for assistance in registering for Non-credit classes.

Apply to JBS Better Futures

Apply to Montco

Montgomery County's Employee Two for One Tuition Program

Employees of Montgomery County and their spouses, domestic partners and dependents (dependents up to 26 years of age) are eligible for a two-for-one tuition program at Montgomery County Community College. For every course paid in full, both in-class or online, students will receive a tuition waiver for 1 additional course of equal or lesser credit value for that semester.

To be eligible, potential students must be employees of the county. A good “rule of thumb” is that if the employee has an “@montgomerycountypa.gov” e-mail, then they would qualify for this resource. This includes county administration, veterans’ affairs, health and human services, child welfare, parks, judicial and law enforcement (e.g. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, however unfortunately municipal police departments are entities of municipalities, not the county).

Classes must be taken during the same semester. Classes may be taken by separate individuals provided they meet the above relationship guidelines.

  • Step One: Apply to the College
  • Step Two: To earn a degree or a certificate, go through the New Student Checklist
  • Step Three: Seek approval from your supervisor and HR department. All final determinations on eligibility are made by the Montgomery County Human Resources Department or Chief Operating Officer.
  • Step Four: Submit your approval to thirdpartybilling@mc3.edu so the tuition is removed from your bill.

Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) Education Assistance

As a benefit to their employees, Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) provides education assistance for undergraduate and workforce development (non-credit) programs for in-classroom, online, and blended (oncampus/online) formats at Montco. This benefit includes up to $5,200 per year in education assistance and extends to PHA employees’ spouse/partner and unmarried children up to age 26.

To learn more, contact PHA’s human resources department for full details. 

Tower Health Education Assistance

As a benefit to their employees, Tower Health offers education assistance for college-level or higher courses at Montco. This benefit includes $4,000/year for full-time employees (64-80 hours biweekly), $2,000/year for part-time employees (40-63 hours bi-weekly), and $8,000/year for those pursuing a diploma/degree in nursing.

To learn more, connect with your Tower Health HR team or visit https://www.towercareers.org/benefits.

UPS Education Assistance Program

United Postal Service, as a benefit to their employees, offers to pay tuition for its employees to attend class at Montco. The UPS Education Assistance Program, administered by EDCOR, allows employees to apply to the program and receive approval to have tuition paid.

Please note that UPS does not pay for fees.

Don’t see your company on this list, but you would like to know more?  E-mail us at admissions@mc3.edu.