Gain confidence in your financial future

LIFE logoThe Living Intentionally Financial Empowerment (LIFE) Program is designed to help you make informed and intentional choices when faced with decisions that impact your financial wellbeing. We’ve partnered with Inceptia, a nonprofit financial education organization, to further your financial IQ and take control of your financial future. Inceptia offers free educational tools on important financial topics for life.

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Financial Avenue

Financial Avenue - Your Financial Wellness Friend | Powered by Inceptia, a division of NSLP Financial Avenue, powered by Inceptia, provides you with brief video lessons to help you maximize your financial knowledge. After each lesson, you can choose to take a quiz to gauge how much you learned.

Accessing Financial Avenue

  • Visit the Financial Avenue website
  • Enter your Montco email address
  • Select if you are a "new user" or you "already have an Inceptia log-in" and enter the required information based on your selection
  • Click "Enroll in Course"
  • Click "Go to the Course" to view and complete the avaiable financial educaiton modules

Financial literacy topics

  • College and money
  • Credit and protecting your money
  • Debt and repayment
  • Earning money
  • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • Foundations of money
  • Future of your money
  • Loan guidance
  • Psychology of money
  • Spending and borrowing

Manage and repay your student loans

Inceptia’s Student KNOWLedge HQ is packed with tips and tools to help you manage your finances as a student and beyond. You’ll find information on topics such as:

  • How to make smart loan borrowing choices
  • Estimating your expected annual salary
  • Creating a budget for loan repayment
  • Exploring various federal loan repayment plans
  • How to avoid or get out of loan delinquency or default

If you have borrowed federal student loans, Inceptia will reach out directly with a personalized letter detailing your current loan amount(s) and estimated future monthly repayment in addition to other loan details.

Free assistance navigating student loan repayment

We understand that student loans can be intimidating. Through our partnership with Inceptia, you have access to free support to ensure you feel comfortable and are successful in your loan repayment. An Inceptia counselor may contact you with the next steps in your repayment journey. If you become delinquent on your loans, they can help you work out a solution that fits within your means. They will not collect money from you.

This special edition e-guide from Inceptia is a free resource that addresses the most recent developments in student loan repayment.

24/7 financial aid answers

Questions about financial aid? Montco offers a video library which may provide the answers you are looking for. Personal finance topics are also available.