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As a Guest Student, you can take online or traditional classes at Montco. Simply fill out a Guest Student application. Please note that as a guest student, you are not eligible for financial aid.

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Not sure if you fall into the category of a Guest Student?

If you attend another college and want to take a class at Montco to transfer the credits back to your school, you're a Guest Student. If you take classes purely for pleasure and have no interest in pursuing a certificate or degree, you're a Guest Student.

Currently enrolled at another college or university?
  • Check with your home school to see if there are any requirements for transferring credits from Montco.
  • Once you receive your grade(s), request a copy of your Montco transcript to be sent to your home institution.
If you've attended Montco as a student or guest in the past three years, the enrollment steps differ.

Guest Students who've attended Montco within the past three years:

  • Log in to MyMC3.
  • Select Self-Service to register for classes.

Former degree-seeking students or students who've graduated within the past three years:

Contact the Help Desk at 215-641-6495 or helpdesk@mc3.edu if you need assistance logging in to your account.

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