Enjoy stimulating work, smaller class sizes and mentorships

Open to highly motivated and academically talented students in our Associate of Arts, Associate of Fine Arts and Associate of Science transfer degree programs, our Honors Programs enables them to expand their intellectual, cultural and social horizons. Offering an enriched academic experience, the Honors Programs cultivates academic excellence in small, specialized classes of 16 students or fewer, with collaborative and experiential learning opportunities.

Honors Programs Benefits

  • Academic challenge, creativity, critical thinking and cultural experiences;
  • Social activities with honors faculty, students and honors committee members;
  • Personalized advising;
  • Eligibility to compete for full-tuition scholarships;
  • Honors designation on your transcripts and diploma;
  • Enhanced transfer opportunities with highly selective four-year transfer partners;
  • Recognition at commencement.

Enroll in the Honors Program

Honors Programs Designations

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Program Outcomes

  • Critical thinking: Identify and devise well-defined solutions for identified problems and issues.
  • Effective oral and written communication: Clearly defend a position on a problem or issue orally and in writing.
  • Civic engagement: Collaborate with members of the College and community organizations to identify, analyze and participate in community needs related to civic issues of local and global concern.

Program Requirements

  • Complete a minimum of 9-12 credits of Honors courses.
  • Complete an experiential learning activity of either a 3-credit Honors Experience course or a capstone project and presentation in the student’s major.
  • Monthly participation in the Honors Club.
  • Participation in one service activity and one intellectual activity each semester.
  • Maintain an overall GPA of 3.2 or higher.

Sample Honors Courses

Below is a sample list of available Honors courses. For a complete listing, please contact the program coordinator.

  • ANT-104H Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Honors
  • BIO-121H General Biology I Honors
  • CMS-120H Public Speaking Honors
  • ECO-121H Macroeconomics Honors
  • ENG-101H English Composition I Honors
  • ENG-102H English Composition II Honors
  • ENG-285H Sophomore Literature Studies Honors
  • ETP-110H Entrepreneurial Essentials Honors
  • GEO-110H World Regional Geography Honors
  • HIS-101H History of Western Civilization I Ancient Medieval and Early Modern Honors
  • HIS-102H History of Western Civilization II Modern European History Honors
  • HIS-205H History of U.S.: From 1877 Honors
  • HON-111H Special Topics in Honors International Study
  • HON-203H Honors Experience
  • MAT-130H Probability and Statistics Honors
  • MGT-112H Principles of Leadership Honors
  • MGT-131H Human Resource Management Honors
  • SOC-101H Introduction to Sociology Honors


Additional Honors Opportunities

Available to interested students, the College offers:

  • Two chapters of Phi Theta Kappa, the International Honor Society for two-year college students.
  • A chapter of Mu Alpha Theta, the Math Honor Society.
  • A series of online honors courses in International Business taught by faculty at business schools such as UCLA and the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.