Enjoy stimulating work, smaller class sizes and mentorships

Open to high ability students in our Associate of Arts and Associate of Science transfer degree programs, our Honors Program enables them to expand their intellectual, cultural and social horizons.

Benefits of Honors Programs

  • Academic challenge, creativity, critical thinking and cultural experiences;
  • Social activities with honors faculty, students and honors committee members;
  • Personalized advising;
  • Eligibility to compete for full-tuition scholarships;
  • Honors designation on your transcripts;
  • Enhanced transfer opportunities with highly selective four-year transfer partners;
  • Recognition at commencement.
Program requirements
  • Complete a minimum of 9-12 credits of Honors courses.
  • Complete an experiential learning activity consisting of either a 3 credit Honors Experience course, 2 non-credit faculty-led service learning activities, or a capstone project and presentation in the major.
  • Monthly attendance and participation in the Honors Club.
  • Participation in one service activity and one intellectual activity each semester.
  • Maintain an overall GPA of 3.2.

Honors courses

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First year

Even academic years – example: 2016-17

Fall semester Spring semester
English 101 College Composition English 102 College Composition
Speech 120 Public Speaking Speech 120 Public Speaking
History 101 Ancient Western Civilization History 205 American History Civil War -Present
Psychology 101 Introduction to Psychology Sociology 101 Introduction to Sociology
Math 131 Statistics I Honors 203 – Honors Experience Seminar


Honors 111 - Special Topics - Introduction to Chinese Culture (online)

Second year

Odd academic years – example: 2017-18

Fall semester Spring Semester
English 101 College Composition English 102 College Composition
History 102 European Western Civilization History 203 American History First Contact-Civil War
Anthropology 104 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Sociology 101 Introduction to Sociology
Economics 121 Macroeconomics Honors 203 – Honors Experience Seminar

If you have a cumulative 3.5 high school GPA, you are exempt from taking the reading placement test.

Additional Courses

Depending on interest and/or need, the following honors courses may be available:

  • Biology 115 Environmental Biology (fall semester)
  • Biology 120 Introduction to Biology (spring semester)
  • Honors 203 Honors Experience Course (summer semesters)