Bakery Production (BPA 263)

This course provides an introduction to large volume production and plated desserts. Students will learn proper and efficient production of various baked goods based on large batch production. Students will also be introduced to plated desserts and various plating techniques. Sanitary practices and compliance with laws and ordinances of the Department of Health are enforced. Students are required to have a professional chef's uniform to participate in class according to departmental uniform policies. This course is subject to a course fee.


The following courses must be taken prior to this course
BPA 131 - Breads & Rolls with a minimum grade of C
CUL 105 - Safety & Sanitation with a minimum grade of C
Students must have a current ServSafe Managers Certification and/or permission from the Program Coordinator
Term Location Sections Available
2024 Fall Semester - Irregular Sections
Blue Bell