Decision Making Using Spreadsheets (CIS 215)

This course provides comprehensive instruction in using spreadsheet software as a productive decision making tool. Topics covered will include spreadsheet basics, pivot tables, slicers, what-if scenario tools, data base management, internal functions, data analysis, macro programming and graphing. Additional topics will include file organization, cloud computing, computer hardware analysis, electronic communications, selecting the best software tool, data privacy and security.


The following courses must be taken prior to this course
MAT 080 - Fundamentals of Mathematics, or MAT 011 Beginning Algebra, or MAT 011B Beginning Algebra with Review of Arithmetic with a minimum grade of C within the past 5 years
REA 011 - Fundamentals of College Reading or REA 017 - Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension Development II with a minimum grade of C
Term Location Sections Available
2024 Spring Semester - 15 Week Sections