Network Planning, Project Management and Implementation Implementation Capstone (CIS 257)

This course will provide a final capstone project experience on planning, implementing and managing a Local Area Network using Microsoft Server Administration, Linux and CISCO routing skills. The course will introduce students to key aspects of project management such as defining the project scope, identifying deliverables, establishing timelines, and evaluating project cost. Students will also work on career planning through completing an industry site visit with a Network Administrator, crafting a professional resume, and defining a strategy to advance their career post course. Professional skills, such as ethical conduct, interviewing, collaboration, teamwork and communication skills, will be discussed and practiced. It is recommended that this course be taken in the final semester of study.


The following courses must be taken prior to this course
CIS 171 - Switching, Routing and Wireless Essentials (Cisco Semester 2)
CIS 141 - Introduction to Linux
CIS 158 - Windows Server Administration and Support
Term Location Sections Available
2024 Fall Semester - 15 Week Sections
Blue Bell