Public Speaking (CMS 120)

A human performance course which focuses upon the theory, practice, and criticism of different types of informative and persuasive speeches. Emphasis will be placed on strategies of audience analysis, organizational methods, and the use of ethical principles in speech preparation and delivery. Presentation of speeches that identify and analyze current societal needs will lead to student action that will help alleviate at least one of those needs.

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The following courses must be taken prior to this course
ENG 010A - Basic Writing or ENG 011 - Basic Writing II or ESL 011 - Basic Writing II and ESL 009 - English as a Second Language: Oral for students who place into ESL courses
REA 011 - Fundamentals of College Reading or REA 017 - Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension Development II
Term Location Sections Available
2023 Fall Semester - 7 Week Sections - Second Group
2023 Winter Semester - 3.5 Week Sections