Radiographic Physics and Imaging Equipment (RAD 105)

This course is designed to establish a basic knowledge of atomic structure and terminology. The nature and characteristic of radiation, x-ray production and the fundamentals of photon interactions with matter are included. Students will establish a knowledge base in radiographic, fluoroscopic, and mobile requirements along with design. Basic quality control measures to imaging equipment and accessories will also be discussed. Demonstrations and student experimentation will be included in the application of the theory. This course is subject to a course fee.


The following courses must be taken prior to this course
RAD 100 - Introduction to Radiography and Patient Care
RAD 106 - Radiographic Image Production and Analysis
RAD 104 - Clinical Education I
RAD 111 - Radiographic Procedures I


The following courses must be taken along side this course
RAD 121 - Radiographic Procedures II. May be taken prior or during course.
RAD 114 - Clinical Education II. May be taken prior or during course.
Term Location Sections Available
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