1. I anticipate being an active participant in an online course and I am willing to ask for help when needed.
  2. I am willing to use email, discussion boards, and other online tools to clearly communicate in written form with my classmates and instructors.
  3. I am comfortable working with others, making certain that our group achieves our goals in a timely fashion.
  4. I can understand directions and usually do not need clarification.
  5. I have good research skills and understand basic web navigation and search strategies.

Time Management

  1. I am willing to spend at least 10-20 hours each week for a 3-credit online course. (Time required per week varies by number of credits per course and duration of course – 14 week, 7 week, etc.)
  2. I keep a record of what my assignments are and when they are due
  3. I plan my work in advance so that I can turn in my assignments on time.
  4. I am usually able to stay on task and avoid distractions (texting, Facebook) while studying.
  5. I can meet deadlines without needing frequent reminders or prodding from my instructor.
  6. I have already thought about how I will need to change my schedule to fit this course in.


  1. An online course is more difficult than a traditional face-to-face class.
  2. I believe that I am responsible for my own education; what I learn is ultimately my responsibility.
  3. If my computer (or software) breaks down at some point during the course, I will get it fixed immediately and will use another system in the meantime.
  4. I think that I would be able to complete my work even when there are distractions in my home (e.g., television, children, and such) or distractions online (e.g. texting, surfing, etc.)


  1. I am comfortable and proficient at creating, saving, locating, and opening different types of files on a computer.
  2. I have a reliable high-speed internet connection on my computer with an operating system that supports standard web browsers and word processing applications. I am aware of any internet restrictions where I live that would prevent me from accessing College websites.
  3. I am comfortable using online discussion forums and understand netiquette.
  4. I have my own relatively new computer onto which I can install any additional software necessary for the course.
  5. I have the ability to download plugins and media readers that may be necessary to access some course content.

Learning Styles

  1. I prefer to take control of my own learning.
  2. I do not have a problem completing tasks without feedback or input.
  3. I enjoy solving problems.
  4. In most learning situations I enjoy challenging requirements.
  5. I am a good reader and am capable of determining main ideas and concepts when reading college textbooks.

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