Like the idea of working in a busy, professional office? Earn a 30-credit Office Management Certificate from Montco, and you'll be on your way to that office career. 

Program outcomes
  • Apply managerial theory and office procedures for diverse business environments;
  • Demonstrate current computer and software skills to accomplish assigned tasks with efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Utilize appropriate skills and techniques to organize, prioritize and complete tasks, and produce associated documents in a professional office environment. 

Upon completing the Office Management Certificate program, you may take on such office roles as administrative assistant, receptionist, front desk coordinator or customer service representative. Should you want to continue your education, all of your courses can be applied toward an Associate degree in Management.

Gainful Employment Information

Program Curriculum

ACC, ETP or OFM Elective ACC 150 Legal Environment for Business, ETP 110 Entrepreneurial Essentials or OFM 245 Desktop Publishing 3
MGT 111 Principles of Management 3
MGT 114 Strategic Analytics for Leaders 3
MGT 231 / CIS 231 Project Management 3
OFM 101 or CIS 110 Business Software Essentials or Computer Information Systems for Management 3
OFM 110 Microsoft Word Applications 3
OFM Elective OFM 250 Proofreading and Editing or OFM 175 Introduction to Virtual Assistance 3
OFM Elective OFM 243 Integrated Office Software Applications or OFM 170 Virtual Office Careers and Technologies 3
OFM 161 Modern Office Management 3
OFM 198 Coop Internship in OFM 3
Total Program Credits: 30