Gerontology Certificate

The Gerontology Certificate program is designed to prepare graduates for human services careers in programs, facilities, and agencies for the older adult. These include: administrator, activities director, adult day care provider, case worker, consumer advocate, lifelong learning instructor, senior center manager, social services coordinator, and volunteer coordinator.

Career Pathway

Program Outcomes

These are identical to the Human Services Certificate with an emphasis placed on the aging process, the older adult, and associated problems and services.


First Semester

HSW 101 Intro to Human Services and Helping Profession 3
HSW 155 Introduction to Aging 3
HSW 250 Psychology of Aging 3
SOC 105 Social Policy and Ethics in Human Services 3
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
HSW 210 Professional Development in Human Services 3

(18 Credit Hours)

Second Semester

HSW 205 Volunteer Administration 3
HSW 203 Assessment and Documentation in Human Services 3
HSW 206 Hospice: Concepts and Skills 3
HSW 254 Aging in American Society 3
HSW 211 Human Services Practicum 6

(18 Credit Hours)


Note: Students may have to take placement tests prior to enrolling in some of courses above. Please see College Catalog for placement testing guidelines.

The Human Services Program is transferrable to a number of area colleges. Substitutions must be approved by the Program Coordinator.

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