General Physics II (PHY 122)

This course, designed for liberal arts and life science majors, is an algebra-based approach to the experimental and analytical study of oscillations, wave motion, acoustics, electrostatics, electric fields, basic direct-current circuits, magnetism, electromagnetic induction, light, and optics. The course also introduces students to the basic concepts of modern physics. This course is subject to a course fee.


The following courses must be taken prior to this course
PHY121 General Physics I (Algebra-based), is strongly recommended, but not required (Recommended)
MAT 090 - Fundamentals of Algebra, or MAT 011 - Beginning Algebra, or MAT 011B - Beginning Algebra with Review of Arithmetic with a minimum grade of C within 5 years, or High School Algebra II with a minimum grade of B within 5 years.
Term Location Sections Available
2024 Spring Semester - 15 Week Sections
Blue Bell
2024 Spring Semester - 15 Week Sections