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Culinary Arts Certificate

The Culinary Arts certificate prepares students for a wide variety of entry level positions in the culinary arts industry. It combines a foundation of culinary and management skills the industry demands, in addition to a curriculum that incorporates opportunities to learn and work in a student-operated restaurant. The curriculum introduces students to the basic fundamental skills and philosophies of the food service industry and helps prepare them for their career as a foodservice professional.


A graduate should be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficient use of culinary terminology and classical cooking methods using a wide array of ingredients to design, produce, plate, and critically analyze a variety of classic, contemporary, regional and international dishes.
  • Demonstrate all food and beverage costing techniques related to profitable food service business operations.
  • Reflectively practice proper ethical purchasing and procurement processes as it relates to the proper flow of goods for a successful food service operation.
  • Personally demonstrate appropriate safety and sanitation practices, including safe food service equipment operation, as it relates to the hospitality industry.
  • Demonstrate appropriate employability skills necessary for an entry level position in the industry.


First Semester

CUL 101 Culinary Foundations 3
CUL 102 Hospitality Fundamentals 3
CUL 120 Introduction to Culinary Techniques 3
BPA 120 Introduction to Baking & Pastry 3
(12 Credit Hours)

Second Semester

CUL 114 Food & Beverage Operations 3
CUL 125 American Regional Cuisine 3
CUL 151 Purchasing & Cost Control 3
CUL 170 Management & Supervision 3
(12 Credit Hours)

Third Semester

CUL 221 Garde Manager 3
CUL 250 European Cuisines 3
CUL 282 Restaurant Operations 4
ESW 206 Basic Nutrition 3
(13 Credit Hours)

Total Semester Hours Credit:




Gainful Employment Information

Degree Programs

AAS Culinary Arts
(classroom learning + 400-hour externship)

AAS Baking and Pastry
(classroom learning + 400-hour externship)

Certificate Programs

Culinary Certificate
(classroom learning + 200-hour externship)

Baking and Pastry
(classroom learning + 200-hour externship)