Welcome to the MontcoWorks Apprenticeship Program in Information Technology at Montgomery County Community College

Jumpstart your IT career with MAP IT @ Montco, an 18-month apprenticeship program designed to place you at the forefront of the tech industry in Montgomery County. This comprehensive program goes beyond technical training, focusing on developing well-rounded professionals with a diverse set of skills. As an IT Generalist apprentice, you'll gain practical experience in a regional company while receiving advanced training at Montco, achieving both industry credentials and a journeyworker certificate.

Why Become an IT Apprentice at MAP IT @ Montco?
  • Holistic Training: Start with a 94-hour, employer-funded training covering safety, harassment prevention, and IT Essentials (CompTIA A+).
  • Security Focus: Learn to safeguard systems and address IT security vulnerabilities.
  • Hands-On Experience: Post-training, engage in 106 hours of Related Technical Instruction (RTI), including Cisco Networking Essentials and CCST-Networking certification.
  • Flexible Certification: Our split certification schedule enhances learning and offers practical lab experience.
  • Evening Sessions: Evening classes from 6-10 pm, accommodating busy schedules.
  • Soft Skills Development: Training in communication, teamwork, and critical thinking.

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Embark on a career path that blends academic excellence with real-world application, preparing you for the dynamic IT industry.

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For our Business Partners—Companies Looking to Hire MAP IT Apprentices:

Our program offers companies a chance to discover and shape top-tier IT talent. Apprentices from MAP IT @ Montco bring both technical proficiency and soft skill expertise. As a partnering company, you'll play a crucial role in molding a skilled IT workforce, benefiting from:

  • Hiring pre-screened apprentices.
  • Providing on-the-job training and mentorship.
  • Flexibility to accommodate apprentice schedules.
  • Ongoing collaboration with Montco on curriculum and career pathways.

Become part of this transformative program and help grow your IT talent pipeline.

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Questions? Email apprenticeship@mc3.edu.

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Montco is the regional Cisco Networking Academy Support Center, providing services to the region’s businesses, schools, and communities, offering IT training from basic computer knowledge to cybersecurity professional training.

All MAP IT apprenticeships will utilize CISCO Academy curriculum.

Learn more about CISCO Academy HERE.