Earn a bachelor's degree from Bucknell

Further your education at Bucknell University on a full-tuition scholarship through the Bucknell Community College Scholars program.

Designed for high-achieving, low-to-moderate income community college students, the Scholars program allows you to take your Montco associate's degree to the next level. Experience life at Bucknell during the six-week summer program and receive financial and administrative support throughout. Upon completion of the summer program, you will have the opportunity to apply to Bucknell to earn a bachelor's degree on a full-tuition scholarship.

Six-week summer program

Located in Lewisburg, PA, you will complete a six-week program at Bucknell University during the summer, where you will

  • Live on campus
  • Take two courses
  • Receive a stipend
  • Participate in campus orientation, team-building, research, technology and writing activities

Information sessions will be hosted during the fall semester and in January 2020. You can also participate in a visit Bucknell, which will be held in early February.

Applying to the program

Applications for the Bucknell Community College Scholars program are due at the end of February.

Criteria for applying
  • Show potential to succeed in a bachelor’s degree program at Bucknell
  • Have a GPA of about 3.4 or higher
  • Have completed at least 12 community college credits as of January 15
  • Demonstrate leadership abilities and problem-solving skills
  • Have a low- to moderate-income* financial status

Download the Application

Complete your application and either submit it electronically (preferred), or print and submit it to directly to Counselor, Derrick Smith at dsmith5@mc3.edu. Application assistance is also available.

Contact information

For additional information, contact Counselor, Derrick Smith at dsmith5@mc3.edu or Geography Professor, Wayne Brew at wbrew@mc3.edu. Details can also be found through Bucknell University.

*Low- to moderate-income financial status is defined as Adjusted Gross Income below $60,000 for families, $45,000 for married couples or below $30,000 for independent students.