Act 120 (Basic) Training

Our comprehensive, 919-hour program prepares you for certification to practice law enforcement within Pennsylvania. This training is mandatory for anyone wishing to become a police officer. It includes both classroom and practical instruction.

Basic training curriculum

Introduction to the Academy 6
Introduction to Law Enforcement in PA 28
Laws and Criminal Procedures  119
Human Relations  17
Vehicle Code Enforcement  64
Patrol Procedures and Operations  105
Crash Investigation  27
Criminal Investigation  53
Drug Law Enforcement  14
Case Presentation  16
Homeland Security  18
Responding to Special Needs 26
Juveniles 8
Operation of Patrol Vehicles 40
Physical and Emotional Readiness 84
Defensive Tactics 66
Firearms 124
Emergency Response Training 40
Handling Arrested Persons 24
Scenarios and Practical Exercises  40

Note: If you successfully complete Act 120 and plan to enroll in Montco's Criminal Justice A.S. program, you may be eligible for up to 15 academic credits toward the completion of the degree. For more information please contact the Director of the Criminal Justice Program at 215-641-6428.