A Culinary Arts Certificate from Montco prepares students for entry- to mid-level careers in the food service industry. All of your culinary skills will come together in our student-operated restaurant, Bistro 1400. You will also acquire management techniques for the food service industry.

The foundational courses in the Culinary Arts Certificate Program are stackable into an associate's degree.

Program outcomes
  • Demonstrate proficient use of culinary terminology and classical cooking methods using a wide array of ingredients to design, produce, plate, and critically analyze a variety of classic, contemporary, regional and international dishes;
  • Demonstrate all food and beverage costing techniques related to profitable food service business operations;
  • Reflectively practice proper ethical purchasing and procurement processes as it relates to the proper flow of goods for a successful food service operation;
  • Personally demonstrate appropriate safety and sanitation practices, including safe food service equipment operation, as it relates to the hospitality industry;
  • Demonstrate appropriate employability skills necessary for an entry level position in the industry.

Program Curriculum

+ /

Semester 1

Course ID Title Credits
CUL 105 Safety and Sanitation 2
CUL 101 Culinary Foundations 3
CUL 120 Culinary Techniques 3
CUL 122 Advanced Culinary Techniques 3
CUL / BPA 198 Culinary and Baking and Pastry Practicum I 1

Semester 2

Course ID Title Credits
CUL 160 Culinary Baking 3
CUL 221 Garde Manger 3
CUL 125 American Regional 3
CUL / BPA 298A Culinary and Baking and Pastry Practicum II 3

Semester 3

Course ID Title Credits
CUL 250 European Cuisines 3
CUL 260 Global Cuisines 3
CUL 282 Restaurant Operations 3
CUL / BPA 298B Culinary and Baking and Pastry Practicum III 3
Total program credits: 36