Teaching grades four through eight

Begin your pursuit of a middle school teaching certificate with Montco's Education in the Middle Years: Fourth Through Eighth Grade Associate's degree program.

Satisfy your education and general education course requirements at Montco and save money in the process. Upon graduating with your Associate of Arts degree, transfer your earned credits to a four-year institution. Our academic advisors will work with you to help ensure that your classes align with your transfer school’s requirements.

Program outcomes
  • Identify the roles, responsibilities, and characteristics of successful teachers;
  • Determine his/her own motivations, desires, and interests pertaining to a teaching career in a middle school and explain why s/he has made the decision;
  • Apply instructional strategies that effectively integrate technology use in the classroom;
  • Identify the challenges that students from diverse communities and families may face and recognize the teacher’s role in supporting all students in the classroom;
  • Apply instructional strategies and identify ways to differentiate instruction for students that have special learning, physical or language differences.

Clearances for Education Courses

In order for you to participate in certain education courses and to observe classrooms, tutor students, etc., you will need to have background checks done. So that you have your clearances when classes begin, you should apply early for these screenings.

Program Curriculum

General Education Requirements
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
Elective Diversity Elective** 3
ENG 102 English Composition II 3
Electives Quantitative Reasoning Electives (choose two - student may not take ACC 110 to fulfill this requirement)* 6 - 8
CMS 110 or CMS 120 Speech Communication or Public Speaking 3
Elective Aesthetic Sensibility Elective 3
Elective Scientific Reasoning Elective 4
Major Requirements
EDU 100 Introduction to Education*** 3
EDU 120 Teaching with Technology in Middle Years and Secondary Education 3
EDU 213 Working with Children with Special Needs 3
EDU 240 Teaching English Language Learners 3
PSY 204 Adolescent Psychology 3
PSY 210 Educational Psychology 3
Electives* Electives* 15
Total Program Credits: 61-63

*Elective should be chosen based on concentration (s) and transfer institution.

**Elective should be chosen based on concentration (s) and transfer institution. One of HIS-203, HIS-205, GEO-110 or GEO-130 is recommended.

***Check for Required Clearances for Credit Education Courses