Computer Networking and Cyber Security Certificate

Computer Networking and Cyber Security Certificate

  • Degree Type Certificate
  • Program outcomesEnter the workforceEnhance my skillset
  • Area of StudyEngineering & Technology
  • Total Credit Hours30

Protect your company from a cyber-security attack

Boost your resume and gain skills to configure the computer network and protect it against cyber-attacks with a Computer Networking and Cyber Security Certificate.

Learn how to guard against a cyber-invasion and develop skills in computer networking through Montco’s Computer Networking and Cyber Security Certificate program. This program provides a solid foundation in data communications, CISCO router configuration, server operating systems and cyber security.

This program stacks seamlessly into the Computer Networking and Cyber Security associate's degree. Students who complete this certificate can continue studying and apply the course in this certificate towards a computer networking and cyber security associate’s degree.

Program outcomes
  • Analyze and solve computer hardware and software problems.
  • Program and configure Cisco switches and routers.
  • Describe the principles and components of cyber security.
  • Apply critical thinking, team building, and problem-solving skills to design, implement, and maintain a secure local area network configuration.

Program Curriculum

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Course ID Title Credits
CIS 113 IT Hardware Essentials and Support 3
CIS 155, CIS 111 or CIS-1011 PC Applications on Networks, Computer Science I: Programming & Concepts or Programming for Everyone 3
CIS 158 Windows Server Administration and Support 3
CIS 170 Introduction to Networks 3
CIS 171 Switching, Routing and Essentials 3
CIS 172 Enterprise Networking, Security and Automation 3
CIS 141 Introduction to Linux 3
CIS 275 or CIS 208 Network Security Fundamentals or Implementing Network Security 3
CIS 166 Introduction to Cloud Computing 3
CIS 142, CIS 209, CIS 207, CIS 258, or CIS 257 Advanced Linux, Ethical Hacking, Introduction to Computer Forensics, Advanced Windows Server Administration, or Network Planning, Project Management and Implementation Capstone 3