Like to start your engineering studies closer to home, with small class sizes, more individualized instruction and less costly tuition? If so, our Engineering Science A.S. program is perfect for you. Along with these benefits, our associate degree program prepares you to transfer to a four-year college where you can study electrical, computer, mechanical, civil, structural, aerospace or architectural engineering. The major that you ultimately choose will be based upon the engineering track—electrical or mechanical—that you follow at Montco.

Program outcomes
  • Analyze and interpret fundamental engineering problems;
  • Apply the scientific method to derive solutions to fundamental engineering problems;
  • Derive models for solution based on learned methodologies and principles;
  • Apply computer-based analysis and solution software to engineering situations;
  • Show evidence of an ability to function effectively on teams;
  • Show evidence of an ability to communicate effectively.

Montco has transfer agreements with many major universities. For example, Temple University allows you to transfer as a junior into one of their three engineering majors. How fantastic is that! Earn an associate degree in Science and then seamlessly transfer to Temple with only two years left for your bachelor's degree in engineering.