Dr. David DiMattio - Workforce Development & West Campus VP

By Diane VanDyke
VP of Workforce Development and West Campus in Pottstown

VP of Workforce Development and West Campus in Pottstown

As Montgomery County Community College (MCCC) continues to serve the dynamic and diverse needs of Montgomery County, the College is committed to having a dedicated leader to engage with the Pottstown and surrounding communities.

 In support of this, the College is updating the title for Dr. David DiMattio to Vice President of Workforce Development and West Campus to reflect his ongoing, comprehensive work as head of MCCC’s Workforce Development area and his active involvement with the Pottstown area community.

“The College is invested in the long-term revitalization and growth of the Pottstown area through our workforce training and educational program opportunities,” said MCCC President Dr. Kevin Pollock. “We are excited to further develop these programs under Dr. DiMattio’s strong leadership.”

Dr. DiMattio will continue to serve as the main contact for community members and business leaders for workforce development on a countywide basis, as well as in Pottstown. Additionally, he will be the community point of contact for West Campus. The College is also committing additional resources and personnel to continue to support academic and student experiences at West Campus.

 “I look forward to expanding the College’s relationships with business and community leaders,” said Dr. DiMattio. “The Pottstown area has much potential, and the College serves as an anchor in this community.”

Dr. DiMattio has worked at MCCC since 2014, initially serving as division dean to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, as well as the Health Sciences division, before his appointment as vice president of West Campus in Pottstown. During his career, Dr. DiMattio has developed various academic and workforce programs, worked with industrial partners to create internship and research experiences for students, and facilitated community engagement opportunities.