Standing Together Against Racism

By College Leadership

Dear College Community,

Recent events across America once again sadly confirm what those who endure racism face every day. Those who don’t have to live with this crushing and constant reality simply cannot begin to understand the fear, despair and anger that it engenders. More than ever it is the obligation of our Montco Family to seize this opportunity and support our colleagues, students, friends and every person of color. It is our responsibility to speak out against these recurring injustices and to stand with them in solidarity – silence is not acceptable. These events are not isolated. They reveal a systemic sickness in the fabric of our country that has created a deeply divisive climate in our society – a sickness that must be eradicated.

As a community-focused institution of education, we condemn all forms of racism, discrimination and injustice, and we reaffirm our values of understanding, inclusion and equality in our communities. We continue to believe education, conversation and connection are the keys to change, and that we as both individuals and a community have a responsibility to stand together against racism to be a catalyst for positive change.

We all must be engaged in healing and combating hatred – through courageous discussions on campus, in our classrooms, dedicated programs, and in the work of internal and external teams to strengthen inclusion, belonging and diversity. We need your voice, your participation and your support to ensure both each of us and the College are engaged in these difficult but necessary conversations to make us stronger.

We are committed to and concerned for our Montco Family and our world. If you or anyone you know needs support during this time, please know we have resources available – please reach out to us and to one another.

Proudly with you together,

Dr. Vicki Bastecki-Perez

Frank X. Custer
Chair, Board of Trustees

Dr. Harold Halbert
President, Faculty Union

Connie Speier and Michael Kaufman
Co-Presidents, Support Staff Union