Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society holds induction ceremonies

By Eric Devlin
Students selected for the Phi Theta Kappa international honor society for two-year colleges exemplify the four hallmarks of scholarship, leadership, fellowship and service.

Students selected for the Phi Theta Kappa international honor society for two-year colleges exemplify the four hallmarks of scholarship, leadership, fellowship and service.

Montgomery County Community College recently celebrated the induction of 116 students into the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) international honor society for two-year colleges.

MCCC’s Alpha Kappa Zeta Chapter, which represents Blue Bell Campus, inducted 100 students during a special virtual ceremony, while the Beta Tau Lambda Chapter, which represents Pottstown Campus, welcomed 16 students during a hybrid in-person and online ceremony.

“As the newest members of our college’s PTK, you exemplify the four hallmarks of scholarship, fellowship, leadership and service,” said Dr. Victoria L. Bastecki-Perez, MCCC President. “Inductees, you have demonstrated your commitment to these hallmarks, both inside and outside the classroom, serving as members of clubs and athletic teams, leading outreach initiatives in our communities and, of course, for your academic coursework.”

Dr. Gloria Oikelome, Vice President of Academic Affairs, echoed Dr. Bastecki-Perez’s sentiments.

PTK was founded in 1918 and was fully recognized in 1929 by the American Association of Junior Colleges. Today it has grown from the original eight chapters to more than 700 regular and alumni chapters nationwide. The purpose of PTK is to encourage and recognize the hallmarks of scholarship, fellowship, leadership and service among two-year college students.

In pursuit of these ideals, PTK becomes more than a club; its members enter into an intellectual and cultural fellowship that extends beyond campus to regional and national networks. In the Alpha Kappa Zeta and Beta Tau Lambda Chapters, new members will find an atmosphere of scholarship. The purpose is to foster a spirit of devotion and to study and develop principles that are embodied in the Greek letters, which stand for light, aspiration and purity.

To be eligible for PTK membership, students must earn a minimum of 12 credits at MCCC, maintain a grade point average of 3.5 or higher and be of good moral character.

The Alpha Kappa Zeta Chapter, currently under the co-advisement of Dr. Catherine Parzynski, History Assistant Professor, and Dr. Cathy Hoult Shewring, History Professor, was established in 1985 and has since inducted thousands of students into membership. The chapter President is Emily Duggan.

Beta Tau Lambda was established in 2011, and Communications Senior Instructor Meredith Frank, co-advises the chapter with Dr. Doug Powell, History Assistant Professor. The chapter President is Virginia Lima.

Both chapters have attained the Five-Star status, which is the highest rank possible for chapters. A chapter earns a Five-Star status based upon its participation in campus, local, regional and national activities and receives the Gold Award based upon its Five-Star status and participation in Middle States events. They’re both also recognized as REACH (Recognizing Excellence in Acceptance and Completion with Honors) chapters that have maintained or increased their membership acceptance rate by 15 percent or more. Members have the opportunity to wear special graduation stoles available through PTK’s REACH Rewards program.

“As we close this afternoon,” said Frank, “we would like to thank all the friends and family for witnessing and sharing this initiation of our new members, who we are honored to have as our peers.”

As PTK members, students receive several benefits, including participation in the Honors in Action program, transfer scholarships opportunities, member discounts through PTK and recognition during commencement with special regalia attire.

The following students were inducted into the 2022 Alpha Kappa Zeta chapter: Lyann Abubaker, Perla Acosta Vargas, Michael Allen, Antonio Augustine, Joseph Ball, Karina Barzousky, Paul Black, Katharine Boyle, Nicole Bradbury, Sherie Brisbone, Pamela Broughton, Marisol Caceres, Arden Clapper, Haile Clayton, Andrew Comly, Jaylin Conard, Matthew Covone, Kellianne Crawford, Caroline Cunha, Jessica Curtis, Rudolph Del Prete, Mary Delorenzo, Rachel Erb, Michael Fortna, Tracey Franey, Mya Gelet, Jillian Gerlach, Anthony Gibase, Grant Gill, Shawn Gilpatrick, Ashley Graff, Christopher Gress, Paula Guarderas, Samira Haque, Nathan Hartman, Rebekka Heintz, Cole Hevener, Fannie Hubbard, Bailey Huff, Haseeb Irfan, Eliana Judge, Bruna Justino Amaro, Akiko Kawai, William Ketner, Tae Kim, Riley Lebofsky, Uimin Lee, Roma Mangukia, John Manzo Jr. Alexandra Markowitz, Luis Martinez, Hannah Mathur, Emma McGinly, Claudia Meck, Crystal Miller, Jacob Monastero, Xiamara Monroe, Tanya Moore, Karen Murphy, Amanda Murray, Vincenzo Nuzzolese, Eve Patelunas, Karen Peel, Candice Pensyl, James Perrin, Christopher Petko, Olivia Pinkett, Matthew Pokorny, Rachel Poley, Jonathan Pritchard, Elijah Randolph, Melissa Renzi, Sean Roddy, Seth Roth, Joshua Rush, Mary Satterthwaite, Kristopher Scott, Emma Sheppleman, Annie Shin, Kayla Slomeana, Maya Smith, Gianna Stead, Polina Svetailo, Justin Szczepek, Sarah Tammany, Christine Taylor, Pedro Teles Viana Machado, Melissa Tittle, Kyra Tramontana, Dinh Lan Tran, Stephanie Trisch-Malek, Rosalie Tsimura, Hannah Tucker, Ani Varady, Andrew Voigt, Sophia Vuotto, Natalie Wernly, Griffin Whalen, Anna Whiteley and Ava Zielinski.

The following students were inducted into the 2022 Beta Tau Lambda Chapter: Abigail Arnold, Leah Branford, Rylan Davis, Jennifer Dipompeo, Celina Dry, Jacob Grando, John Kemble, Kaitlyn Leister, Virginia Lima, Selena Lopez, Shaneann Marshall-Hylton, Christina McCumber, Cynthia Reitenbaugh, Allison Reyes Dixon, Skylar Reyes Dixon and Payton Ridenour.