Challenge yourself mentally and physically

In our 63-credit program we take a holistic approach, weaving together theory and performance. Here you'll take both liberal arts and dance courses and prepare yourself for further education elsewhere. In addition to transferring to a four-year institution, you can use your Associate degree as a terminal degree and teach at private dance schools or studios. 

Program outcomes
  • Demonstrate intermediate-level proficiency in modern dance and ballet technique;
  • Perform in-class improvisations alone, with a partner, and in a group with commitment to the movement;
  • Choreograph and perform a dance using basic principles of dance composition;
  • Perform selected dance repertory for the public according to established criteria;
  • Analyze cultural influences on contemporary dance;
  • Integrate critical elements of dance training into personal dance practice.

In our program we have an encouraging and diverse student body whose members foster collaboration, creativity and leadership. We believe that you should "dance healthy" and support a body-friendly approach that includes health and nutrition.

Program Curriculum

General Education Requirements
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
ENG 102 English Composition II 3
Elective Quantitative Reasoning course (MAT 106 or higher) 3 - 4
Elective Cultural Awareness and Diversity Elective** 3
Elective Scientific Reasoning Elective  4
Elective ESW 147 Mat Pilates or ESW 148 Hatha Yoga 2
HIS 101, HIS 102 or HIS 205 History of Western Civilization I, History of Western Civilization II or History of U.S. from 1877 3
CMS 110, CMS 120 or THA 105 Speech Communication, Public Speaking or Introduction to Acting I 3
Major Requirements
DAN 101 Introduction to Dance Studies* 3
DAN 104 Modern Dance I 3
DAN 110 DAN 110 Introduction to Dance as Art in America* 3
DAN 123 Ballet I 3
DAN 151 Dance Improvisation 3
DAN 155 Dance Performance Ensemble I 1
DAN 156 Dance Performance Ensemble II 1
DAN 157 Dance Performance Ensemble III* 1
DAN 161 Dance Repertory and Performance I* 3
DAN 204 Modern Dance II* 3
DAN 223 Ballet II* 3
DAN 251 Dance Composition* 3
Elective DAN 131, DAN 134, DAN 162, DAN 205 or DAN 224 3
MUS 120 Music Fundamentals 3
MUS 140 Introduction to Digital Music Technology 3
Total Program Credits: 63-64

Students who cannot demonstrate a fundamental level of proficiency in modern dance and ballet may be required to take DAN 102/103 and/or DAN 121/122.

Students planning to transfer as third year dance majors may need to take at least two DAN techniques courses per semester, which will require additional credit hours. Check the requirements of the intended transfer institution.

*Course must be completed with a "C" or better to complete program.

**ANT 104, MUS 110 or THA 114 recommended.