Set a course for an exciting career in the entertainment industry with an associate's degree in Sound Recording and Music Technology from Montco.

Studying under such accomplished faculty members as Grammy-nominated engineer/producer David Ivory, you will gain a comprehensive background in sound recording, music production and music technology comparable to the first two years at a conservatory.

Classes are held in Central Campus's Advanced Technology Center (ATC), which contains state-of-the-art recording studios and electronic music and computer labs. It also holds a new, cutting edge, professional mixing suite, which opened in spring 2018. The Center provides hands-on exposure in all aspects of recording.

Thanks to practical, real-world experiences gained in the program, you will be able to use your skills after graduation to find entry-level work in the recording industry. You can also transfer to a four-year institution to continue your studies.

Program outcomes
  • Integrate knowledge and theory of recording industry, sound recording and music technology into productions;
  • Use professional sound recording techniques and tools to record, engineer and edit music productions as well as conceive, plan, write, record and edit pieces, projects and production packages;
  • Create a professional portfolio including résumé, reel, personal statement and other promotional materials in both print and online;
  • Apply knowledge of guitar or piano, tonal harmony, and aural theory to a performance and through productions;
  • Apply practical knowledge of terminology, process, procedures and use of current technology to entry-level employment in the recording industry and sound recording field.

Program Curriculum

General Education Requirements
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
Elective Quantitative Reasoning Elective 3 - 4
Elective Scientific Reasoning Elective 3 - 4
CMS 110 or CMS 120 Speech Communication or Public Speaking 3
Elective Cultural Awareness and Diversity Elective 3
Major Requirements
Elective Discipline History* 3
ETP 110 Entrepreneurial Essentials 3
MUS 110 Music Appreciation 3
MUS 140 Introduction to Digital Music Technology++ 3
MUS 141 Digital Music Technology++ 3
MUS 150 or MUS 170 Guitar Class I or Piano Class I++ 1
MUS 240 The Art and Business of Songwriting++ 3
MUS 241 The Business of Music++ 3
SRT 104 Introduction to Sound Recording Technology 3
SRT 159 Introduction to Music Production 3
SRT 250 Sound Recording Technology I 3
SRT 256 Sound Recording Technology II 3
SRT 259 Music Production 3
SRT 297 Sound Recording and Music Technology Internship 3
SRT 290 Sound Recording and Music Technology Capstone 1
SRT or MUS Elective SRT or MUS Elective 3
Workshop Elective Workshop Elective** 1
Workshop Elective Workshop Elective*** 1
Total Program Credits: 61-63

*Choose One for Discipline History Elective
MSP 213 Rock and Roll, Radio, and the Recording Industry, SRT 214 The Evolution of Sound Recording Technology, or MUS 111 Popular Music in America (1900-Present)

**Choose One for Workshop Elective
SRT 130 Software Workshop I or SRT 131 Live Sound Recording and Reinforcement Workshop I

*** Choose One for Workshop Elective
SRT 230 SRT Software Workshop II or SRT 231 Live Sound Recording and Reinforcement Workshop II

++All students must either pass a fundamental musicianship placement test OR take MUS 120 (Fundamentals) before taking any course marked with ++.