Do you have a lot of interests but aren't yet sure what your major should be? Enroll in our Liberal Studies Associate degree program, which lets you to explore many subjects while still advancing your educational goals. As a Liberal Studies student, you receive a broad-based education that prepares you for many exciting opportunities, either in industry or with our partner institutions.

Program outcomes
  • Demonstrate written and spoken communication skills;
  • Use mathematical concepts to solve problems and make decisions;
  • Demonstrate technology skills essential for working and living in today’s society;
  • Demonstrate general knowledge across the broad categories of intellectual heritage, artistic expression, the natural and physical world, human behavior;
  • Explain diverse perspectives, cultures and values;
  • Use ethical perspectives to inform decisions.

An ideal transfer degree, the Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies is the most popular degree program at Montco. After completing the Liberal Studies program, our students usually transfer to a four-year institution. Entering as juniors, they go on to finish their studies in a variety of majors. Be sure to speak with your advisor about transfer opportunities.

Program Curriculum

General Education/Major Requirements
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
ENG 102 English Composition II 3
Elective Oral Communication Elective: choose from CMS 110, CMS 113, CMS 120, CMS 230 or THA 105 3
Elective1 Quantitative Reasoning Elective1 3
Elective Technological Fluency Elective 3
Elective2 Social Sciences Elective: choose from ECO 121, ECO 122, ESW 207, GEO 110, GEO 130, POL 101, POL 124, PSY 101, PSY 137 or SOC 101 3
HIS Elective - Western Civilization or U.S. History HIS 101, HIS 102. HIS 203 or HIS 2053 3
Elective Physical or Life Sciences Elective4 4
Elective Aesthetic Sensibility Elective6 3
Elective Diversity Elective6 3
Elective Ethical Perspectives Elective6 3
Electives Electives5 26 - 27
Total Program Credits: 60-61

1 Students may not use MAT 100, MAT 103, MAT 104, MAT 108, or ACC 110 to fulfill this requirement.

2 Students may not use a HIS course to meet this requirement.

3 A student should consult with an advisor and transfer institution on the best choice for a HIS elective.

4 Students must choose a four-credit lab science elective.

5 The following courses are strongly recommended: SCS 101, REA 110, ECO 111, or any Foreign Language. Pre-Nursing applicants take NUR 106 here.

6 Students may not take a course here that has been used to meet any program requirement - no double dipping.