Develop the academic background needed for undergraduate and graduate degrees in the physical and life sciences with our associate degree in Physical Sciences. In our 61-credit program you can focus your studies on physics or chemistry while still taking classes in math, computer science and biology. 

Program outcomes
  • Prepare for and conduct scientific experiments;
  • Use and understand basic instrumentation;
  • Analyze and interpret scientific data;
  • Demonstrate an extensive problem-solving capability.

Our Physical Sciences curriculum prepares you to transfer to a four-year institution and major in such fields as chemistry or physics. It also provides a solid foundation for future studies in health sciences, medicine and chemical engineering.

Program Curriculum

General Education Requirements
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
ENG 102 English Composition II 3
Elective1 Technological Fluency Elective 3
Elective Ethical Perspectives Elective 3
Elective Aesthetic Sensibility Elective 3
Elective Oral Communication Elective 3
Elective Cultural Awareness and Diversity Elective 3
Major Requirements
CHE 151 or PHY 151 Principles of Chemisry I or Principles of Physics I 4
CHE 152 or PHY 152 Principles of Chemistry II or Principles of Physics II 4
CHE 261 or Science Elective4 Organic Chemistry I or AST, BIO, CHE, GLG, MAT, or PHY Course 4
CHE 262 or Science Elective4 Organic Chemistry II or Science Elective 4
MAT 1902 Calculus and Analytical Geometry I 4
MAT 2013 Calculus and Analytical Geometry II 4
Electives5/6 Electives 11 12
Total Program Credits: 60-61

1 A programming course is recommended; check with your advisor or transfer institution.

2 MAT 190 is a co-requisite for PHY 151

3 MAT 201 is a co-requisite for PHY 152.

4 Chemistry majors should take CHE 151, CHE 152, CHE 261, CHE 262, PHY 151 and PHY 152. Physics majors should take PHY 151, PHY 152, CHE 151 and CHE 152.

5 For Chemistry and Physics majors, MAT 202 Calculus III is recommended, but students should confer with their advisor to determine the math requirement at the transfer institution. 

6 MAT 220 Linear Algebra or MAT 223 Differential Equations are recommended; students should work with their advisor to determine the math requirements at the transfer institution. Other suggested electives include BIO and GLG.