In fiscal year 2020, over $500,000 in Foundation Scholarships were awarded to nearly 500 students at Montgomery County Community College. These scholarships were established through the generosity of philanthropic partners like you.

Despite the College's relatively low tuition rates and the existing support from our communities, education is still financially out of reach for many. In fact, there remains approximately $62 million in unmet need by our student population. We know that creating and providing education that is both affordable and high quality requires purposeful investment. And we hope you will join the Montco family in supporting these efforts.

By contributing to the Foundation, you not only ensure students have support for educational expenses, but you also help us create and sustain the programs, facilities, faculty, and services necessary to offer well-rounded education to our students. You also help us respond to students struggling with basic needs such as food insecurity or other emergency situations that may inhibit the pursuit of their education and career goals. With your generosity, our learners will thrive and come back to reinvigorate our communities with the knowledge, experience, and success they acquired at Montco.

Student impact statements

Josh Kang Josh Kang

Josh, a veteran, is pursuing college credits to put toward medical school.

"We were saving money to start our future together and build a family, but I knew I needed further education to pursue a career that could provide for that future. How could I save money for a baby on the way and pay for school at the same time? I heard about Montco and the many scholarship opportunities they had available. I went for it, and thanks to the generosity of someone who invested in student success at Montco, I was given the independence and confidence to pursue my dreams while taking care of my family."

Sandrah Moyo Sandrah Moyo

Sandrah is studying to become a dental hygienist.

"I moved to America in the midst of my undergraduate studies in my home country, Zimbabwe. The deteriorating economy of the country made the financial burden of school a challenge. I was scared to leave, but my family believed I would have greater opportunity here, and when I arrived, I found Montco. With scholarship support and program opportunities, I was able to not only afford an excellent education, but had access to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, like traveling to China as a member of the College Honor Society's Medicine and Science Delegation."