Faculty and staff academic regalia

Faculty and staff may purchase or rent academic regalia. The order form will be open from February 26, 2024 through March 21, 2024 (purchases) or March 29, 2024 (rentals).

When participating in the processional, all faculty and staff should wear academic regalia (i.e., caps, gowns, hoods, cords/stoles/medals). Academic regalia should be worn from the institution from which the individual graduated. As part of the College's continued commitment to equity, diversity cords are provided to any employee or graduate participating in the Commencement ceremonies. Diversity cords are available at respective line-ups on ceremony day.

Employees with a dependent and/or spouse graduating

If an employee has a dependent and/or spouse graduating in one of this year’s Commencement ceremonies and would like to present their diploma on stage, please contact commencement@mc3.edu by April 30.

Employees who are presenting diplomas to dependents/spouses must also participate in the Commencement ceremony, which includes walking in academic regalia as a part of the formal procession and sitting in the faculty section.

Employees who are also receiving their diplomas at the ceremony will be unable to present a diploma to their dependent/spouse because they are already part of the ceremony as a student graduate.

Teaching Excellence Awards

Montgomery County Community College recognizes teaching excellence and honors its exceptional faculty members each academic year at the College’s Commencement ceremony. Teaching excellence awards recognize full-time and part-time faculty whose teaching is intellectually stimulating, accessible for all students, and demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of students both inside and outside of the classroom.

Learn more about Teaching Excellence Awards