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Through the non-credit sector of the College, we offer a wealth of cutting-edge information technology programs, training and individual classes.

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Cisco Networking Academy

The Cisco Networking Academy® Program offers valuable networking and IT skills for students and workers who want to expand their IT knowledge or consider a career in the high-tech industry. The Academy program offers courses online using the same high-quality web-based format that has been proven successful to more than one million students in over 150 countries.

Visit the Cisco Networking Academy® page to browse course offerings.

Computer Aided Drafting

Course ID Title
BIPCT 1041 AutoCAD Level I
BIPCT 2015 AutoCAD Level II
BIPCT 2163 Introduction to Revit
BIPCT 2022 Introduction to Solidworks

Computer Networking & Repair

Course ID Title
BIPCT-1160 Computer Repair Technician (A+ and Net+)
BIPCT 1161 Microsoft Server Technician
BIPCT-1162 Network Technician (CCENT)
BIPCT-1645 Google IT Support Professional Certificate
BIPCT-2054 A+ Certification
BIPCT-2120 Network Engineer (CCNA)

Computerized Accounting

Course ID Title
BIPCT 2069 QuickBooks

Cybersecurity & Analysis

Course ID Title
BIPCT 0161 Introduction to Cybersecurity*
BIPCT 0164 Networking Basics*
BIPCT 0165 Networking Devices and Initial Configuration*
BIPCT 0166 Cyber Endpoint Security*
BIPCT 0167 Cyber Network Defense*
BIPCT 0168 Cyber Threat Management*
BIPCT 0169 Junior Cybersecurity Technician*
BIPCT 2602 Cybersecurity Technician
BIPCT 1647 Cisco Cyber Ops Associate
BIPCT 2083 Introduction to Computer Forensics
BIPCT 2085 Ethical Hacking
*Part of the Cisco Networking Academy® Cybersecurity program

Database Administration & Big Data

Course ID Title
BIPCT 1649 AWS Academy Machine Learning Foundations
BIPCT-2220 Crunching Big Data with Hadoop
BIPCT-2312 Certificate in Database Administration
BIPCT-2413 Data Analytics and Reporting

Digital Design & Web

Course ID Title
BIPCT 1030 Adobe Photoshop
BIPCT 1057 Adobe Illustrator
BIPCT 1068 Adobe InDesign
BIPCT-1158 User Interface/Experience Design

Microsoft Office

Course ID Title
BIPCT 1012 Microsoft Excel Level I
BIPCT 2604 Microsoft Excel Level II
BIPCT 2100 Microsoft Office Specialist I
BIPCT 2101 Microsoft Office Specialist II
BIPCT 1711 Microsoft Project

Software Developer Academy & Programming

Course ID Title
BIPCT 0177 Python Essentials 1
BIPCT 0178 Python Essentials 2
BIPCT 1311 Programming Essentials in C++
BIPCT 1312 Programming Essentials in Python

Fast-Track to Employment

Course ID Title
BIPCT-1160 Computer Repair Technician
BIPCT 1161 Microsoft Server Technician
BIPCT-1162 Network Technician (CCENT)
BIPCT-1163 Cybersecurity Technician
BIPCT-2119 Cybersecurity Engineer
BIPCT-2120 Network Engineer (CCNA)
BIPCT-2312 Certification in Database Administration
BIPCT-2313 Cybersecurity Analyst

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