Earn while you learn at Montco!

Montco's one- to two-year MontcoWorks Apprenticeship Program (MAP) offers an opportunity to gain in-demand skills at no cost.


As an apprentice, you will train alongside experienced professionals, receiving mentorship and guidance while earning a steady paycheck from a partnering employer. At the end of the program, apprentices receive an industry-recognized credential and will have acquired up to 36 college credits. Classes will take place at the Blue Bell Campus.

Our competitive program is open to individuals 18 years and older. To help ensure your success as an apprentice, we evaluate all candidates before matching you with an employer.


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Information Technology Apprenticeship - MAP IT @ Montco

MontcoWork Apprenticeship Program in Information Technology at Montgomery County Community College — MAP IT @ Montco

For Students:
Jumpstart your IT career with MAP IT @ Montco, an 18-month apprenticeship program designed to place you at the forefront of the tech industry in Montgomery County. This comprehensive program goes beyond technical training, focusing on developing well-rounded professionals with a diverse set of skills. As an IT Generalist apprentice, you'll gain practical experience in a regional company while receiving advanced training at Montco, achieving both industry credentials and a journeyworker certificate.

For Business Partners—Companies Looking to Hire MAP IT Apprentices
Montco offers the opportunity for Businesses to partner with the College to shape, train, and hire IT apprentices.

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Aon US Apprenticeship Program

The Aon US Apprenticeship Program provides an entry point to launch a professional career at Aon without a four-year college degree. This two-year program combines tuition-free academic instruction at Montco with employment and on-the-job learning at Aon.

Visit the Aon Apprenticeship Program webpage to learn more.

GSK Apprentice Program

GSK Apprenticeships are full-time, entry-level opportunities that offer high school graduates and community college students the opportunity to begin their career while studying toward their associate’s degree. Students with fewer than 30 credits or those open to restarting with new curriculum are eligible to apply for GSK Apprenticeships.

Visit the GSK Apprenticeships webpage to learn more.

Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Apprenticeship


This program is currently on hold and not accepting candidates. Please request more information to learn of possible alternative options.

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The 24-month Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Apprenticeship is an employment and training pathway supporting careers in several high-priority occupations in Montgomery County, PA, and beyond. Industrial maintenance mechanics perform maintenance and repairs on machines and work in various fields, such as pharmaceutical production, food processing, medical device, automotive parts, and aeronautical manufacturing.

As an Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Apprentice, you will:

  • Work between 32 to 40 hours a week.
  • Be hired by an industry partner and paid as an employee, with increasing wages based on program milestones
  • Receive on-the-job training alongside experienced mentors
  • Take 12 courses at no cost on the Blue Bell Campus and be eligible for up to 36 college credits and a journeyworker credential

Applicants must be 18 years of age by July 1, 2022.

Existing employees of companies can inquire and may be eligible to participate.

Course ID Title Credits
IMM-101 Industrial Safety 3
IMM-102 Fundamentals of Industrial Technology 3
IMM-103 Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting 3
IMM-104 Schematics and Blueprints 3
IMM-105 Industrial Math for Mechanics 3
IMM-106 Customer Service for Technicians 3
IMM-121 Mechanical Power Applications 3
IMM-122 Industrial Electricity 3
IMM-123 Refrigeration and HVAC Fundamentals 3
IMM-124 Hydraulics and Pneumatics 3
IMM-125 Leadership and Supervision 3
IMM-126 Sustainability and Efficiency 3