Software Engineering

Software Engineering

  • Degree Type Certificate
  • Program outcomesAdvance my careerEnhance my skillset
  • Area of StudyEngineering & Technology
  • Total Credit Hours30

Spend almost every waking moment on your computer, programming and checking out the latest software releases? Here's your chance to turn your enthusiasm for technology into a career with a Software Engineering Certificate from Montco. 

Program outcomes
  • Demonstrate the skills necessary to be employed as a computer programmer/software engineer;
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed for further education and career advancement;
  • Provide the technical core which can be applied to the Computer Science or Information Technology degree.


Program Curriculum

CIS 111 Computer Science I: Programming and Concepts 3
CIS 111B Computer Science II: Object-Oriented Programming 3
CIS 112 Computer Science III: Data Structures and Algorithms 3
CIS 114 Web Design and Development 3
CIS 126 Computer Architecture and Organization 3
CIS 151 Systems Analysis and Design 3
CIS 235 Object Oriented Programming in C++ 3
CIS 245 or CIS 246 Database Management Systems Using SQL or Data Integration for Web Applications 3

CIS Electives - Select Two: CIS-119, CIS-140, CIS-166, CIS-212, CIS-213, CIS-240, CIS-241, CIS-216

User Interface/Experience Design, Client-Side Web Development, Introduction to Cloud Computing, Advanced HTML and CSS, Advanced JavaScript*, Mobile Application Development, Server-Side Web Development*, Computer Science Capstone* 6
*Requires CIS-140
Total Program Credits: 30