If you are interested in the Phlebotomy Certificate of Completion program, you must first apply to the College. It is important to send your high school transcript or G.E.D. information to Enrollment Services one month prior to registering for the Phlebotomy course.

Returning Montco students

For those students who have applied to the College within the last three-years, you will need to update your student record to reflect Phlebotomy as your program of interest. This can be completed by filling-out a Change of Major form.

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Essential Functions

In addition to the academic admission requirements of students taking the Phlebotomy course, the following Essential Functions are also expected of all students.

  • Students must be able to distinguish various colored blood collection tubes. Students must be able to visualize small objects like the bevel or opening of needles.
  • Students must possess sufficient motor skills and manual dexterity to obtain and manipulate specimens in a manner that does not endanger themselves and others.
  • Students must possess effective written and oral communication skills in order to accurately transmit information to patients, physicians and other healthcare professionals. Students must possess the ability to read and write in English.
  • Students must demonstrate professional attitudes and behaviors. Students must be able to use reasonable judgment under stressful conditions to make decisions that impact patient care. Students must be able to work independently as a member of a team to maintain the highest standards in the delivery of patient care.
  • Students must be able to move easily from one location to another in the Laboratory to do testing and through patient areas to perform phlebotomy.

Special Requirements

Students are expected to purchase their own liability insurance and uniforms and to provide their own transportation to and from clinical assignments. Students must have a physical examination, which includes documentation of selected vaccinations and urine drug screen, within six months of entering the course. Proof of Hepatitis B vaccination is required or the student must sign a statement of declination before participating in the clinical portion of the course. Students must also complete a criminal record check, including child abuse clearance, PA state criminal background check, and FBI fingerprint check. Students must attend a mandatory orientation session.

Description of Unique Course Requirement

During the first ten (10) weeks of the semester, the course meets for didactic and on-campus laboratory instruction one day per week (presently on Fridays) from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Upon successful completion of this ten (10) week instruction the student is assigned to a clinic site to complete the course’s clinical experience requirement.

During the last five (5) weeks of the semester the student completes a minimum of 100 hours of off-campus clinical experience during daytime hours, Monday through Friday at a clinical site determined by the College. Availability during early morning hours. The student supplies transportation to the off-campus clinical site. In order to fulfill the off-campus clinical requirement in the specified time period, the student must be available several days each week of the five (5) weeks for approximately twenty (20) hours per week.

The student returns to the campus during finals week to take the final exam. If the student works during the day or is registered for other courses during daytime hours, serious consideration should be given as to whether the clinical requirements for this course can be fulfilled in a competent, responsible, and professional manner. This consideration should be given prior to registering for the course.