We live in a region dominated by pharmaceutical and biotech industries. If you want to work in biotechnology—using biology to make such important products as medicine and pest-resistant crops—and have an associate or bachelor of science degree, our 16-credit certificate of completion program can help you enter this field.

Program outcomes
  • Demonstrate a theoretical and practical (i.e., hands-on) knowledge of state-of-the-art techniques and processes used in biotechnology and biomanufacturing laboratories, including use of various laboratory instrumentation used in research and discovery and biopharmaceutical process development and manufacturing;
  • Explain the biotechnology process and design an experiment based on scientific literature that supports the steps of the biopharmaceutical development and manufacture process from identification of a molecule involved in a disease process to the end-stage marketing of a product;
  • Evaluate manufacturing practices for compliances with current Good Manufacturing Practices and good Laboratory Practices industry standards;
  • Compare and contrast the different operational units that make up a biotechnology company and the career opportunities available within these units.

After successfully finishing this two-semester program, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion and be ready to apply for employment. If you want to learn new, in-demand lab skills or update your current skills for a career in biotechnology, our Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing program is an economical alternative to a master’s degree.

Recent graduates are employed in local companies and academic research labs in jobs such as Research Assistant, Senior scientist, Research Technician, QA Associate, Scientific Writer and lab Automation Scientist.

Program Curriculum

BIT 120, BIO 121 or CHE 131 Introduction to Biotechnology, General Biology I, or Chemistry for Technology I 4
BIT 123 Techniques and Instrumentation for Biotechnology 4
BIT 220 Biotechnology Research 4
BIT 232 Biomanufacturing 4
Total Program Credits: 16

Dolan Stimson gets scientific

While pursuing a second degree from Montco, Dolan uncovered a passion for biotechnology that sparked a career change...