Residency Requirements

Commonwealth of PA Residency: To establish Commonwealth residency, you must demonstrate continuous residence in the Commonwealth for a period of twelve (12) months prior to registration as a student.

Montgomery County Residency: To be considered a resident of Montgomery County and receive in-county tuition, you must demonstrate one (1) of the following to be charged the local sponsor rate:

  • Continuous residence in Montgomery County for a period of six (6) months prior to registration as a student, or
  • Have taken positive action to establish residency within the County, or
  • Be eligible under House Bill 131 which allows “veterans, their spouses and dependent children; military personnel, their spouses and dependent children; and civilian personnel working on a military base, their spouses and dependent children, who are admitted to a community college, [to] be charged the local sponsor rate, provided that the student is a resident of the state on the first day of the semester.”

Proof of residency is required. Documents that can be used to prove residency include:

  • PA Driver’s License showing current address or the address update card of the address change with the issue date.
  • PA State Identification Card showing current address with the issue date.
  • Voter Registration or Vehicle registration card with issue date.

Please see the Name Change / Address Change / Residency Checklist Form for additional information.

Ownership of property or a business in the County does not qualify a person to attend the College as a resident.

Change of Address or Name

Change of address or name may be made in Person, by Mail or by Fax Service. If your address or name has changed, please complete the Name Change / Address Change / Residency Checklist Form and submit it to Enrollment Services at Central Campus or at West Campus, with proof of residency and/or proof of name change. If you are planning on moving outside Pennsylvania and completing your program of study online, please check our out-of-state enrollment information for possible enrollment restrictions. In order for your address to be updated, you must provide proof of residency. In order to change/update your name, you will need to provide proof of name change. Please see the form for additional information.