What Is It?

Science On a Sphere® (SOS), located on the Pottstown campus in the newly renovated first floor of South Hall, is a room-sized, immersive global display system that uses computers and video projection to display planetary data onto a four-foot diameter carbon fiber sphere, analogous to a giant animated globe.

Who can use it?

Science On a Sphere® is available for use by all MCCC faculty and staff for programmatic enhancement or for event facilitation. With over 600 datasets collected by satellites from NOAA and NASA, SOS is a powerful experiential and educational learning tool designed to help illustrate Earth system and planetary science to people of all ages. Animated images which are used to explain complex environmental processes provide an immersive learning experience that is simultaneously intuitive and captivating, unlike no other.

MCCC faculty and staff interested in using Science On a Sphere® should email sospottstown@mc3.edu with desired date, time, and content area.

Additionally, Science On a Sphere® is used in newly created activities designed to engage students in unique educational opportunities that emphasize learning objectives focusing on problem-solving, critical thinking and teamwork to achieve a common goal. These programs are designed by MCCC to cooperatively partner with the Challenger Learning Center at Montco-Pottstown, and are aligned with PA State Education Standards and adaptable to various ages, levels, and abilities, grades 3-12. Educators interested in bringing students to the MCCC Pottstown campus for an in-person Science On a Sphere® experience should complete the Science On a Sphere® Trip Inquiry Form.

For more information, please email our team.

The Science On a Sphere® exhibit was made possible by Carl and Sylvia Landis. As part of the larger Pottstown South Hall renovation, the SOS is surrounded by other updated study spaces, lounges, and a renovated library. Visit our Pottstown location and experience what Montco has to offer you!