Promising Culinary Career Paths & Options | Culinary Arts Institute

The Road to a Promising
Culinary Career

Culinary Arts Institute graduates are prepared for a wide variety of positions in the culinary arts industry. Students master the culinary and basic management skills necessary to succeed in today's hospitality industry.

Be part of a growing industry

It's a promising industry, one that employs more than 3.1 million people nationwide, with above-average growth expected through the next decade (including 27,000 new jobs in Pennsylvania through 2020). With half of all meals consumed in the U.S. now prepared outside the home, and with the tourism and convention business playing a dominant role in the Delaware Valley regional economy, the range of opportunities is broad and growing.

With a culinary arts degree or certificate from our culinary college, you'll be prepared for a successful career as a line cook, kitchen or hospitality manager, chef, caterer or event planner. With a baking and pastry degree or certificate, you'll be prepared for a successful career as a general baker, bread baker, cake decorator or pastry chef.

Countless career options.

While many Institute graduates end up with fulfilling careers in restaurant kitchens, your certificate or degree can lead to a host of opportunities:


Plan successful events, working for a company or in your own business

Personal chef

Serve private clients in this growing and financially rewarding field


Consult on meal preparation and menu design

Food stylist

Create camera-ready masterpieces for magazines, marketers or TV shows

Cruise ship staff

Travel the world, taking your restaurant skills with you

Cooking school instructor

Share your expertise with future chefs

Baker/pastry shop owner or staffer

Provide specialty baked goods for this extensive market

Your Career Journey

Make our culinary college your first stop in your journey toward your culinary career destination. Just as you can choose from a wide variety of ingredients when cooking, you can choose from a wide array of culinary careers upon completion of your certificate or degree program at The Culinary Arts Institute.