Baker Center of Excellence - Montgomery County Community CollegeThe new Baker Center of Excellence for Employee Ownership and Business Transformation, which will be located on Montco’s Blue Bell Campus, will be a valuable component of Montco’s approach to workforce development by supporting county and regional businesses and their growth and training for their employees.

The Center will be a catalyst for economic growth in Montgomery County and the region. The Baker Center of Excellence will assist employers and employees by providing educational programs and resources in three main areas:

    • Promote employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) through certificate programs, workshops and events as a mechanism of upward mobility, equity and inclusion.
    • Establish an online resource library for information and research in support and promotion of ESOPs and other employer-employee partnership models.
    • Deliver high-quality courses and programs to assist businesses interested in advancing employee skills, particularly in leadership areas.

The first phase for establishing the Baker Center of Excellence will include developing an educational program, promoting ESOPs and other models of dynamic employer-employee partnerships and creating learning materials.

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