What is the Challenger Learning Center at Montco Pottstown?

Our Challenger Learning Center at Montco Pottstown is a member of the network of living memorials dedicated to continuing the education mission of the ill-fated Challenger 51-L Space Shuttle Crew. In general, we offer STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) field trip experiences and professional development for schools, teachers and students and public events centered-around space science and STEM topics.

How do I register for an in-person simulation mission?

To register your student group for an in-person simulation mission, complete the online registration form. A program coordinator will be in touch with you to confirm mission details and scheduling information.

How do I prepare for a mission?

Prior to your mission, a pre-mission briefing will be sent to you that includes engagement activities for your students to prepare them for what to expect during the in-person simulation.

Why is STEM education an important investment?

Beyond the important and exciting plans we have for exploring our solar system, STEM fields will keep our nation and its citizens safe and healthy. Medical sciences, engineering, conservation, and sustainability research topics and more all fall into the category of STEM fields. Ensuring that our students are becoming interested in these careers is critical to the future of our home planet.

How do I get in touch?

For inquiries and questions, please email us at challenger@mc3.edu or call 610-718-1938.

Where are you located?

The Challenger Learning Center at Montco Pottstown is located on the Montgomery County Community College Pottstown Campus in building 140.

Are masks mandatory during a visit?

The Challenger Center at Montco Pottstown follows the COVID-19 safety protocols in place for the College. At this time masks will be required for all indoor facilities regardless of individual vaccination status.